About us

We think of ourselves as ardent, baking-by-hand, fine biscuit activists taking a brave stand for full-bodied, fine biscuit appreciation.

We simply don’t trouble ourselves with high-tech, conveyor belts churning out never-ending battalions of regular, uniform biscotti.

Instead, we opt for a little lopsided non-conformity in our lives, which is why we openly embrace hand-rolled and lovingly uneven biscotti jam-packed with intriguing inclusions, thrilling flavours and involving textures that will send even the most avant-garde taste buds into raptures.

In truth, we’re fine biscuit reactionaries who’re not afraid to stir things up because life tastes better that way!


At The Artful Baker, we champion the quality of our ingredients and their origins…

Garlic from the UK. Almonds from California. Oranges from Valencia. Pistachios from Central Asia. Chillis from South America. Limes from Africa. Cocoa from South America.